Welcome! Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is the professional association for the school music teachers of Maryland. MMEA provides professional development for music teachers, opportunities for over 26,000 to engage in state-wide music activities and events involving students, teachers, and volunteers, plus serves as an advocate for music education in Maryland schools. The mission of MMEA is to advance music education in Maryland schools.  

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 Thank you for your commitment! Teachers/Directors must register students using the online nomination application form.  Remember, scroll all the way through these directions to access the submit/entry fields. No paper forms will be accepted. Incomplete and late forms will not be accepted. Forms will not be accepted by students, parents/guardians. A student nomination/registration will be considered  “confirmed” only when payment has been received.  An $8.00 non-refundable commitment fee per student will be assessed and due by the application deadline.  Submissions will be disqualified if these procedures are not followed, if an application is incomplete, or if the submission is received after the deadline. Make a copy for your records. 

A complete and on time application includes that the nomination form and commitment fee are received for each student by the deadline.  

Eligibility: Students (grades 10-12) must be enrolled in and be active participants in their school band, orchestra or jazz ensemble to be nominated for the All State Senior Jazz Band. Students may audition for Senior Jazz Band and Senior Concert Band/Orchestra.

Recording Process Guidelines: No online nomination applications will be accepted after December 4, 2019. Submissions will be disqualified if these procedures are not followed, if an application is incomplete or if the submission is received after the deadline. The following procedures must be followed:

• School music directors are to supervise the audition recording process and review the recording before submission. Choose a neutral backdrop in a bright/well-lit setting: one that does not display the name or mascot of the school. 

• Only one student audition file can be submitted online via AVI, WMV, MOV, or MP4 submission. Please note: if your video audition file is too large and isn't loading, please upload to DropBox, YouTube or Vimeo. List the link in the File Upload URL section. Be aware that uploading the data to DropBox, YouTube or Vimeo is to a third-party website and MMEA isn’t responsible for the privacy of any personal information uploaded to those websites. 

• Only use internal camera microphones; may be stereo or mono audio, but no enhancements will be allowed (i.e. no reverb, no delay).

• Students may not use headphones, metronomes, or supplemental/additional microphones, to perform the scales, music excerpts, or style grooves. Except for drum set, an MP3 playback device is required for a portion of the audition

• The student will state a first name only and the section or part for which they are auditioning (lead part or section part).

• The recording is to be done in one continuous take. Check the video before submitting it and make sure the audio can be heard clearly.

• A date and time stamp must be visible at all times on the recording, or, if no stamp is available, an analog clock with a sweeping second hand must be visible on the recording at all times.

• The student will perform the excerpts and improvisation with the MP3 recordings that are provided.

• No audio or visual effects (i.e. fade in, fade out, cross fade) are permitted.  

Again, submissions will be disqualified if these procedures are not followed, if an application is incomplete, or if the submission is received after the deadline. 

  Please note: All communications are with the music school teacher/director. Students and parents/guardians must work directly with and communicate directly with the music school teacher/director.  Any teacher that has a student with a disability and is requesting accommodations should complete the accessibility services form.  Contact: mmeamarylandinfo@gmail.com regarding eligibility, the application process, or payments.  After the nomination application is complete the next steps include:

  • Online and check payment 
  • Principal Confirmation (Teachers/Directors should ensure only one form is completed from the school principal for all students auditioning by the application deadline.)
  • Parent Confirmation (Teachers/Directors should ensure completion from the parent/guardian for each student auditioning by the application deadline.)

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Felicia Burger Johnston, MMEA Publications Editor

Phone: 304-613-2871, Email: mmea.editor@gmail.com

Mariama Boney, LMSW, CAE, Executive Director, Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA), www.mmea-maryland.org

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