Maryland Music Educators Association (MMEA) is the professional association for the school music teachers of Maryland. MMEA provides professional development for music teachers, opportunities for over 26,000 to engage in state-wide music activities and events involving students, teachers, and volunteers, plus serves as an advocate for music education in Maryland schools. The mission of MMEA is to advance music education in Maryland schools.  

Join colleagues, experts, and exhibitors for professional learning and networking events for all maryland music educators and organizations. Any current MMEA member may propose an educational session or performance.  Those participating in and organizing sessions (in-state and/or out-of-state) must register for the in-service or conference when registration opens. This includes: presiders, panel members, clinicians, co-clinicians, moderators of panels, conductors of demo groups, board members, volunteers, etc. Each proposal will be referred to a specific conference planning team/committee. Performance proposals must include a recording of the group. If a demonstration group is part of the proposal, a recording of the group must be submitted. Recordings will not be returned. Incomplete proposals will not be reviewed. 

Submissions should include:

  • Primary Clinician Contact information
  • Bio-sketch for each clinician (100 word maximum each
  • Session overview (250 word maximum)
  • Learning outcomes (100 word maximum)
  • Session abstract (100 word maximum)
  • Description of session needs

Please note: Create an account to submit a proposal. Your form may not be stored or saved automatically during your submission process. Your data will only be submitted after selecting the button at the bottom of this form. Please do not exceed the prescribed word limits.

NAfME/MMEA Membership must be current for all selected clinicians or representatives of MMEA/NAfME sponsor companies. 

  • Join NAfME today and use this link or call NAfME at 1-800-828-0229 or 703-860-4000. To renew your NAfME membership use this link or call NAfME at 1-800-828-0229 or 703-860-4000    

Time Line

Notice of acceptance or non-acceptance for the Fall In-service will be emailed by early-July. Notice of acceptance or non-acceptance for the Annual Conference will be emailed by early-August. Any notfications thereafter will be on a rolling basis.

Clinicians, co-clinicians, or a sponsoring company/organization who are notified by MMEA that the session or performance has been accepted must confirm and provide all requested information by July 19 for Fall In-Service Day (October 18); and confirm by August 19 for Annual Conference (March 13-14). 


  1. Submission of a proposal is a commitment by all participating to register for the in-service or conference.  All clinicians should provide their own computer and adapters for the session. 
  2. Due to scheduling priorities, preferences or requests for particular days/times/locations will be considered, however cannot always be accommodated. At the time of application, any conflicts must be noted for any consideration to be given, and yet may not be guaranteed.
  3. Clinicians agree to comply with all program-related deadlines provided. Clinicians will not engage in any promotional marketing or selling, and will not disparage MMEA in any way.  
  4. MMEA reserves the right to cancel any session or performance if information is not submitted by the deadline, if membership is not current, and/or if registration is not complete. 
  5. Clinicians grant MMEA access to use your name, likeness, photograph, contact information, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the event/program. Please notify MMEA and the event manager immediately, should a circumstance arise that prevents you from presenting or attending.

  **For technical difficulties please contact 

Thank you for your interest!

Maryland Music Educators Association